Mansfield takes delivery of new Spartan 3,000 gallon Metro elliptical tanker

The 2016 Spartan Metro Elliptical has been designated Tanker 307.  The truck is equipped with a 450hp Cummings with locking differential.  Top speed is 57mph.  Dual braking system with an exhaust brake and Jake Brake.  The tank is 3000 gallons and the pump is a Hale 1250gpm with a Trident air primer.  There are 2 large direct fills on the rear of the truck with 4" Fireman Friend valves, each terminate with 5" storz at approx. waist height.  There is 1 200ft 1.75" cross lay pre-plumbed.  There is a 300' dead lay of 3" hose and 100' of 5" hose (2 50ft sections) also in he cross lay section.  The truck has 3 10" square dumps (right, left, rear) all controlled from the rear of the truck or the driver’s seat.  There are 2 drop tanks (1) 3500 gallons and (1) 3000 gallons. The truck has 2 8" holly tubes and all the components (hose and manifolds) for a dump and fill site.  There are 2 SCBA packs.  There is 20 gallons of foam in buckets with an eductor.

GVW is 65,500.  Over-all length is 35' 2", height 9' 9".  The turning radius is VERY tight.

There are tank level gauges on 3 sides and in the cab.  There are cameras on 3 sides and a safety back-stop bumper on the rear.

Description and photos are courtesy of Mansfield Fire Chief Fran Raiola.




























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